Help Coaxing Your Wife into Swinging

Jul 21, 2011

When you need help coaxing your wife into swinging you will find that there are a few different ways to go about it. A lot of the time, swinging consists of men that want to swing and women that are a little bit apprehensive about it. It all comes down to being able to convince her to try it and see if it is something that she likes. If you are able to get her interested, then you and your wife are well on your way to a successful swinging relationship.

Have Boundaries

It is important that you have boundaries when you start off. This is something that will help a lot when you are just starting out. Set rules and boundaries for both of you when you are with other people. This can help to build your trust in each other and make her to feel better.

Go at Her Pace

It is good to let her take the lead in a situation like this. This way she will be able to go as fast or as slowly into it. If you try to take the lead and rush her she is likely to not want to go back and do this type of thing ever again.

Give Her the Power

Allow her to choose the people that you swing with while also going at her pace. When you give her the power you are going to make her feel a lot more at ease about the entire situation. This makes her more likely to want to try it.

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