When it comes to changing from swinging to cuckolding you will need to understand the difference between the two. You and your spouse need to figure out what type of situation will suit you both the best. This is the best possible way for you to both to be happy and comfortable in the fetishes that you may or may not share. For instance, if your husband is not into having sex with other people but wants you to, then cuckolding is probably the answer. However, if your husband prefers to have sex with others as well, then swinging will be the best route for you both.

What is swinging?

Swinging is where both parties will participate in having sex with other people. They may have certain boundaries or rules when it comes to the people that they have sex with. Make sure that you and your partner come together in an agreement in what type of sex you will and won’t allow with their swinging partners. Swinging involves both parties being sexually active with other people.

What is Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is basically a woman that has sex with people besides her husband. In most cases this is seen as a fetish for the man. He wants to either watch his wife have sex with these men or he will want to hear about it after the act. If the husband does not want to have sex with other people but wants his wife to, then cuckolding is the best possible way for you to be able to get this.

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